Sunday, February 28, 2016

Road trip, who even knows anymore

I've done a million things and haven't kept up. I've not been wwoofing at all, just hiking and tramping and camping and having mental breakdowns and existential crises and hiding out. Also, I'm not going back to figure it all out and come up with witty things to say. So here are some kind of random pictures. Also the ones missing from my previous post. Cheers,

Pretty lake I camped near in Lake Nelson National Park
What happens when the eels make the signs
A tree giraffe or antelope or something
The same lake from a mountaintop
Whiskey falls...I was disappointed.
I nearly entered a dumbed-down version of Lost
I can't recall, but it's great.
Clearly a moss seal...he was a fun guy.
Creepy cemetery in the woods from an old gold-mining settlement 
"Thy will be done"
This boot rocks!
Creepy, deserted old mine
Pancake Rocks!
More waterfalls
There's a bird in there. I like it.
My new home.

Here are the pictures from my climb of Mt Haast:

Mt Haast from the ground.
Cloudy view from the top.
Gary was there too.
I was tired and gross, a common theme. There were a lot of rocks.
An easy piece of the path down the mountain.

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