Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nothing is real

It doesn't seem like I'm somewhere else. It didn't take enough effort. A few planes, a few buses and I could be anywhere really. Plus I haven't really thought anything through enough to be expecting anything specific. So here I am. Probably. Just another busy place with a few quirks. Cars on the wrong side, people with accents(but really it's me).

I've not done much these first two days. Sleep. Eat. Walk. I've walked around Aukland quite a bit. Walking is easy. Something I can control. Something safe. I can find trees to calm me down. And I have.

I walked into a small Asian grocery store. I was looking for a kinder surprise; I've been missing Steve. As I was buying it, the grocer asked me who the surprise was for. I told him it was for me, which seemed strange to him. I went on to tell him how I'd just flown in a few hours ago, and we don't have kinder surprises in America, and so on. He was really happy and said I needed a free donut, the best in Aukland. I accepted and was really touched. As I turned to leave, he wished me happy birthday...I think we both missed something.

My birthday donut?
My new friend Gary