Friday, April 22, 2016


I just got back from a walk. It was in the moonlight down a gravel road. I do the most romantic things by myself, but that's not the point. I was walking and it was great and peaceful and I loved it. I found myself, as I do a lot, with all the space and time and noise all to myself. I had one earbud in (playing mostly Dixie Chicks, it's been a theme lately). I was singing and kind of dancing along. Then I was doing the grape vine. On another note, if you want to be completely delighted and terrified, grape vine down a gravel road in only moonlight at full speed. It's wonderful. At some point I also started jumping shadows (the moon is really bright) and everything was really funny. Mid-laugh I full on snorted and that is was did me in. I haven't laughed that long and heartily in a long time. I'm still happy about it and wanted to share. Life is great.

In other news, you've missed a lot. I went bungy jumping and felt terrified in a way I have never before. I took a cruise in Doubtful Sound. I went kayaking in Milford Sound. I went to the southernmost point of this South Island. I've seen penguins and dolphins. I felt uncomfortable in still-very-earthquake-destroyed Christchurch. I've c!imbed a bunch more mountains. I've sarcastically told someone I hated a waterfalls and she thought I was serious. I've went on a hike that turned into a great game of hide and seek with some wallabies. I've seen so many waterfalls. I've had so many existential crisis. And a million other things I can't put to text right now. I also dropped my camera into a river and am too lazy/overwhelmed to go through what I had before that. So this it for now. Life is beatiful and hilarious and somehow unattainable. I'm back in Wisconsin in about a month. Watch out for that.

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